Azure Medispa provides effective skin care treatments performed by medical professionals in a spa-like setting. Whether you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, acne, spider veins, brown spots, a dull complexion, body hair, or simply wish to maintain healthy skin, Azure delivers results. Our services include: laser hair removal, laser skin treatments, vein therapy, injectable treatments such as dermal fillers (Boloterlo & Juvederm) and neuromodulators (Xeomin & Botox), eyelash treatments (Latisse), skin care treatments (HydraFacial) & products (Skin Medica & Cerave). We also offer consultations on weight management and nutrition. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service customized to your individual needs. Contact us today for a complementary consultation.



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Laser Skin Treatments

We have the latest in laser technology for laser skin care:

  • Three for Me
    • Sun damage, wrinkles and facial veins
    • Gentle, non-invasive laser procedure
    • Quick 30-minute treatment
    • Convenient treatment because it has minimal downtime

Laser Hair Removal

The fastest and most effective hair removal available:




Skin Care

Skin care options:



For longer fuller eyelashes:


Vein Therapy

For leg or face vein issues:

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